Production Services

With a mission to increase independence through opportunity, Challenge Unlimited provides a wide range of production services that employ individuals with disabilities.  

All of our production services are delivered with the highest level of quality and integrity because we understand companies choose outsourced solutions providers they can rely on. Our top priority is ensuring your inventory is handled with precision and compliance to reduce risk of damages and loss. Our commitment results in cost savings and efficient solutions you can trust. No project is too large or too small because each project creates work opportunities for our skilled and reliable staff.

Production Services by Challenge Unlimited

Our quality packaging solutions are delivered to a wide range of customers from health and beauty retailers, medical device distributors; electronics and more. We provide:

  • Counting & Packing
  • Breaking bulk material and Kit Packing for Distribution
  • Collating & Kitting Educational Materials
  • Light Assembly
  • Re-labeling Projects
  • Labeling Inspections

We deliver prompt service; managing end to end fulfillment life cycle - from receipt of order, to pulling and picking inventory, to packaging and direct ship to customers. All orders are processed under dual quality inspections and unit testing to ensure accuracy. All your orders are delivered on time, every time, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Challenge Unlimited provides light assembly production services, producing raw material into finished units designed with strict attention to each customer’s requirements. Using both manual and automatic assembly systems, along with high standard quality control protocols, our experienced production managers validate specifications for 100% compliance:

  • Product Assembly
  • Testing
  • Labeling
  • Complete repackaging
  • Custom Packaging
  • Part Collation & Assembly from Smallest to Largest
Challenge Unlimited performs inspections that require extreme amounts of visual decision making. We ensure product quality meets customer and/or industry standards.

Our proven capability to provide best in class 3rd Party Logistics services is underscored by our more than 30 years combined management experience and quality assurance standards of operations. We exceed the competition with a trained and dedicated workforce; and proudly maintains the lowest number incident and DART safety ratings of industry national averages.

We offer storage, inventory management and nationwide logistics and shipment services from our approximately 43,000 square foot climate controlled secure facility. With over 40,000 overflow space available, state of the art equipment in an ergonomically safe work environment. Central USA Warehouse Location

Our customers also benefit from our warehouse facility being centrally located in the Illinois-Missouri metro east area. With direct access to multiple major thoroughfares, we can help you reach the delivery destination anywhere across the country.

Top Reasons to Choose Challenge Unlimited

Available and experienced resources for just-in-time seasonal surge projects. We help reduce laborer expenses.
Central, convenient locations with access to major highways for shipping and logistic needs.
Optimum warehouse capacity and inventory system. Our production staff is made up by a talented workforce of individuals with different abilities. Companies who partner with Challenge Unlimited for their production services help make positive impacts in our communities.

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