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Residential Options, Inc. an affiliate company of Challenge Unlimited, Inc. was formed in 1989 after the State of Illinois approached Challenge Unlimited to take on a housing crisis for people living in institutionalized settings.

Today Residential Options serves over 100 residents with dozens of locations throughout the Illinois-Metro East area. With a team of highly trained and dedicated care professionals, Residential Options offers 24/7 services and a choice of the model home that best meets a person’s preference. These models include: Residential Homes for Persons with Special Needs

Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA)
Our CILA homes function much like any other family home with a routine, shared effort to maintain the home, family trips, holiday celebrations, companionship, support with personal goals and dreams.  We have the benefit of the professional support of our dietician, RNs, case managers and direct care professionals. For some the goal is to make this their forever home; for others this is an opportunity for personal growth to be able to live as independently as possible.

ICF/DD – Intermediate Care Facility/Developmental Disability
Our ICF/DD  homes  function much the same as our CILA homes with a routine, shared effort to maintain the home, family trips, holiday celebrations, companionship, support with personal goals and dreams with professional support.  Admission into an ICF/DD home does not require a PUNS selection and many individuals begin their journey of independence in an ICF/DD home.

Serving Individuals & Families with Customized Home Services

The mission of Residential Options is founded on the belief that each person with a disability and their families should have a choice to receive customized housing services that are based on individual preference. 3 Views of Homes

Modern, Safe Homes

Our homes are modern, clean, safe and are maintained at the highest code of standard for safety and quality. From single room arrangements with all the state of the art amenities such as flat screen televisions, warm and inviting furnishings; wireless internet; with access to common areas for socializing, playing games and sharing holiday home-cooked meals. Additional amenities include spacious rooms, modern accessible bathrooms, and personalized bedrooms. Residential Options Mission Quote

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We assist individual development by encouraging, empowering and engaging the residents in essential life activities such as grassroots advocacy, economic principles for planning and budgeting to participate in outings and vacations, group field trips, and other recreational activities such as golfing and Special Olympics. These activities teach independent living, self-confidence, communication, practical skills and more.

Each client receives the chance to participate in all of the joys and responsibilities of a typical home living; such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, gardening, and pet care. All clients are encouraged to become active members of their communities and participate in program services offered by the parent company Challenge Unlimited, Inc.

Adult Programs
Skills Training Centers, where work related and socialization activities are offered daily

Youth Transition Services
Where high school students can receive job readiness training services

Supported Employment
Where residents work with Job Placement Specialist who identify the right matched work opportunities with local companies in the community.

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