Skills Training

For more than 35 years, Challenge Unlimited has provided skills training services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Each individual, through their person-centered plan, receives training and support to help them achieve their career goals and aspirations. Based on a work model, our Skills Training Centers in Illinois allow participants to learn and model new skills through the act of work.

Skilled Workers

Skills Training Areas of Specialization

Skills Training has a long and distinguished history of providing quality assembly and packaging services for many companies throughout the St. Louis and Metro East areas. Through our production program, individuals obtain a variety of skills including assembly, packaging, labeling, inspection, material handling, use of production equipment, warehouse safety and quality assurance.

Individuals with an interest in custodial work pursue custodial training programs at both of our Skills Training locations. Once individuals reach a required level of achievement through the in-house program, they can be assigned to off-site custodial work as part of community custodial contracts in effect at both locations.

Food Service
Alton Skills Training has a fully operational cafeteria, and its food service program trains individuals in a variety of areas including customer service, food preparation, servicing, beverage service, dishwashing, bussing tables, operating a cash register, managing charge accounts, ordering food, managing inventory, and food service sanitation rules and skills.

Creating Opportunities Within the Local Community

Additionally, Skills Training manages “A Quick Bite,” cafeteria located at the Madison County Courthouse in Edwardsville, IL. This is a competitive worksite opportunity for individuals with disabilities to experience the food service industry.

These offsite assignments present the individual with unique opportunities to interact with the community, learn new social skills and provides encouragement for the individual to further develop their skills.

Licensed, Certified, and Accredited

Skills Training is licensed and certified as a provider through the Illinois Department of Human Services. The Skills Training program consistently receives excellent ratings from the Bureau of Licensure and Certification.

Skills Training is accredited through Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation (CARF) under Organizational Employment. The accreditation ensures that we provide excellent quality services to individuals participating in our program.

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