Skills Training

Challenge Unlimited provides skills training service to individuals with developmental disabilities. Each individual, through their person-centered plan, receives training and support to help them achieve their career goals and aspirations. The Skills Training program provides services at our program sites and in the community.

Skilled Workers

Skills Training Areas of Specialization

Skills Training believes that the pathway to meaningful work for all abilities starts with us. As individuals determine a career path, we will work with them to complete the Discovery process and develop their skills through one or more of our group supported employment partnerships with local businesses. Through supported employment, individuals can build confidence and refine the skills needed to take the next step to competitive integrated employment. Skills Training also offers individual supported employment to those individuals who are ready to enter competitive employment.

Community Inclusion
Skills Training supports individuals in their community in a variety of ways. Our program works with individuals to explore careers in order to find the one that is right for them. This is done through training sessions, virtual job shadowing, visiting local employers and internship opportunities. Skills Training partners with many local non-profits to ensure that individuals can participate in community service and volunteer that match their areas of interest. The program also believes that individuals should have fun in their community, so we support individuals to get engaged with their local community through leisure and fun activities as well.

Personal Development
The Skills Training program believes that a person becomes most successful by improving themselves in all areas. We provide training in a variety of ways that help the individual become all they aspire to be such as health and wellness, skills building training sessions such as financial literacy, healthy relationships, communication and much more. We focus on developing individual’s self-advocacy skills focusing on self, others, system change and legislative issues.


Licensed, Certified, and Accredited

Skills Training is licensed and certified as a provider through the Illinois Department of Human Services. The Skills Training program consistently receives excellent ratings from the Bureau of Licensure and Certification.

Skills Training is accredited through Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation (CARF) under Organizational Employment. The accreditation ensures that we provide excellent quality services to individuals participating in our program.

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