Custodial Services

Challenge Unlimited has 40 years of sound experience in providing custodial services to government and commercial sectors while increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Partnering with Challenge Unlimited takes you out of the custodial business and allows your organization more time to focus on what you do best. We offer a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of your facility while protecting your investments, reducing your environmental footprint, and lowering costs. Our customers have found that Challenge Unlimited delivers a level of dedication, responsiveness and expertise unmatched in our industry.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"As a customer of your services, I wish to extend a job well done to four of your employees (who) do a great job of ensuring that my organization has a clean working environment. I never have to worry about the appearance of my facility as these individuals are always on top of making sure everything is in order. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all their hard work keeping my organization’s building clean. It is truly a privilege to work with such a professional team! Job well done!"
- Commander at Scott Air Force Base, Network Integration Center
"Our tenants are very pleased with the services provided by the Challenge Unlimited Team. Throughout both facilities, the following are synonymous with Challenge Unlimited: Professionalism, Excellent Customer Service, Attention to Details, Superior Cleaning and Dedication."
- Contracting Officer Representative
"I have worked with the contractor on various areas over the last year. The contractor has been professional, team oriented, and meticulous in the execution of all contract responsibilities"
- Contracting Officer Representative

Our Green Commitment

cims-gb-honors-250While many companies throw around the term “green” as a marketing buzzword and sales tool, Challenge Unlimited has placed sustainability at the very core of our cleaning operations. Our environmental commitment is demonstrated through our ISSA CIMS-GB (Cleaning Industry Management System – Green Building) certification with Honors. ISSA’s CIMS certification is a rigorous program that sets a new standard of custodial excellence. Our CIMS-GB certification with Honors (which is the highest CIMS certification level) proves that our number one priority is to provide exceptional and environmentally-responsible cleaning solutions that will minimize your organization’s carbon footprint. They will also lead to a healthier workplace, improved air quality and improved employee retention and productivity.

By partnering with us, you inherently show your customers and the public that your organization has gone above and beyond basic cleaning operations to ensure an environmentally sustainable planet for future generations. Our exceptional green custodial practices will have a positive impact your organization’s Triple Bottom Line of 1) People, 2) Planet, and 3) Profit.

Our Strengths, Your Success

What distinguishes Challenge Unlimited most from others in our industry are the strong, long-term partnerships that we build with our customers. We have worked alongside our customers for many years, adapting the scope of our services accordingly in order to accommodate their needs.

Our solutions are not “one-size-fits-all.” Rather, we build customized custodial packages for each client in order to meet their expectations at a competitive price.  Our custodial services deliver a host of benefits to your work environment, including:

Increased employee morale due to clean and pleasant workplace.
Improved customer and visitor experience.
Improved sanitation and healthy work environment.
Standardized sustainability cleaning processes, tools and equipment. 
Implementation strategies and experience-based best practices.
Invested, interested and accountable management from the top down.
An experienced and engaged staff to provide the dependable,  high service levels that your facility deserves. 
Advanced safety and training programs. 
Technology enabled workforce.
A higher return on investment. 

Our Award Winning Custodial Solutions

When cleaning, our focus is “High Touch, High Risk = High Priority” for our customers. As the foremost custodial enterprise, we have established a synchronized system of moving parts that, when utilized together, become a well-oiled machine of custodial efficiency. Daily, weekly, and monthly: if it’s measurable, we’re tracking it and using all of the data to continuously improve our service to you.

Our passion for helping organizations facilitate a positive customer experience is evident in the wide range of custodial services that we provide. We go above and beyond standard custodial operations to provide the following invaluable solutions:

Dry and Wet Vacuuming
Pest Control
Chemical Cleaning
Industrial Power Wash
Chemicals, Janitorial Supplies & Equipment
Temporary Staffing
Production Support
Construction Clean-up
Preventative Maintenance
Warehouse & Logistics


Challenge Unlimited employs an approach developed over many years in regards to continuous quality improvement, with an emphasis placed on metrics such as work requirements, staff productivity and customer feedback. Our team of Quality experts work diligently to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ expectations and standards, as well as to assure that our staff is cleaning efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves on our quality control expertise and our ability to deliver exceptional and ongoing value to our customers.


Companies want a provider with effective safety management systems in place. Challenge Unlimited is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.

Our safety goals include:

  • Strive for zero incidents
  • Become an industry leader in safety performance
  • Ensure that our workforce is fully knowledgeable of safety and uses best practices in  hazard prevention
  • Raise individual responsibility and accountability to the highest level
  • Achieve safety best practices in all aspects of our operations
  • Ensure that safety is the foundation on which we build customer service excellence

We Meet The Challenge… Do You?

We have worked alongside many Air Force and Army bases of the U.S. Department of Defense, General Services Administration, and State/County Government Offices to develop customized solutions and provide the necessary support to achieve custodial excellence. In each case, the outcome has been an optimized cleaning operation that will be sustained well into the future.

If you’re ready to take the Challenge, then contact us today.

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