Challenge Unlimited Receives St. Louis Business Journal Diverse Business Leader Award

Challenge Unlimited (CU) recently received a St. Louis Business Journal 2018 Diverse Business Leader award for the category of Nonprofit Champion in Diversity and Inclusion. The award honors local individuals, companies and civic organizations that are committed to employing a diverse workforce and have programs, initiatives, resources and/or community involvement that promotes diversity in the workplace. CU’s selection for this award can be attributed to many activities from hiring, to corporate culture, and being highly-engaged with the local business community. 

CU has a rich history of workplace inclusion dating back to its founding and has been a trailblazer for employing and providing opportunities to individuals with disabilities, the disadvantaged and veterans. The company continues to favor business policies that foster a diverse workplace, demonstrated by a workforce that is over 50% comprised of individuals with disabilities.  

CU considers the term “diversity and inclusion” to be much more than a workplace initiative that the organization strives to achieve. Rather, it’s a culture that each team member, client and stakeholder embodies in terms of employment, social bonds, and community participation. With the executive oversight of President & CEO, Charlotte Hammond, the organization has created a progressive culture where all perspectives are valued— regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, ability, cultural values or beliefs. As a non-profit with a social mission to provide opportunities to individuals with disabilities, every person is seen for their Ability to contribute in their community and to society. 

For nearly 60 years, Challenge Unlimited has been committed to the inclusion of individuals with disabilities—both in the workplace and in mainstream society. With Hammond’s leadership, CU’s work helps people with disabilities from all walks of life acquire the skills and connections to maximize their participation in the community. 

“This prestigious award is the result of a shared dedication to our initiatives, resources and community involvement in advancing diversity in the region,” said CU President and CEO, Charlotte Hammond. “I am proud of our team for being the beacon to the community for inclusion.” 

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