Asia Slack celebrates 24 years with Residential Options, Inc.

In 1999, Brandy’s Have You Ever was at the top of the Billboard Charts, Fight Club was the top grossing film followed closely by The Matrix, a blizzard snowstorm smashed into the Midwestern United States, causing 14 inches of snow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 19 inches in Chicago, Illinois and Asia Slack joined the team at #ResidentialOptions.

Her journey has been a 24-year labor of love and we wanted to share a story with you about how much of a difference has made in the lives of those individuals that she cares for. Asia is the Team Leader at one of our #ResidentialOptions group homes and she cares for our residents like they are family.

For most, a routine dental visit is just that: routine. But for some adults with physical, mental or developmental disabilities, routine visits can be more of a challenge. Often times individuals with disabilities can become fearful and struggle with receiving this much needed dental care. Asia Slack cares for one such individual who does not tolerate most medical exams and can sometimes become aggressive out of fear, making it difficult for providers and staff to provide treatment. This client was long overdue for a dental exam as previous providers had refused to see her due to her behavior at previous visits.

Asia cares for this individual so much that she and went above and beyond to ensure that the patient received the necessary care. She personally contacted Aspen Dental and explained the circumstances surrounding this client. She got the dentist to agree to see her. Asia has cared for this client, demonstrating her patience and commitment to her work. Asia has built a relationship of trust. The day of the exam Asia stated that she and the client would go by themselves to this appointment.

Asia’s supervisor “was extremely doubtful that the appointment would be completed but Asia took the client for treatment even though she knew the individual might refuse the exam.” With Asia’s calming presence and her strong relationship of trust, not only did the client let the dentist look in their mouth, but also stood still for the x-ray machine. This often only comes from years on interacting and caring for the same individual.

This is only one example of how much trust and love Asia has built with those that she cares for. She is a compassionate caregiver and a blessing to our organization. We are so proud to have her on our team. From all of us at Challenge Unlimited, Residential Options and our affiliates and partners Thank You for 24 years of service Asia!

Asia Slack 24 Year Anniversary Video by Challenge Unlimited

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